Software Engineer
& Consultant

I specialize in building web and mobile applications for world class brands and startups. I am passionate about creating user-centric experiences. Coupled with my creative roots, this gives me a unique approach to software and product development.

Over the last 9 years I’ve worn many hats and learned the importance of blending business strategy, design, and smart marketing to build strong digital experiences.

Past clients include: Adobe, BMW, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Google, The Weather Channel, Hiscox, Georgia Power, National Geographic and Sprite.

Moving fast and breaking things in Miami. Atlanta. New York.

Availability: Taking on new projects for Summer 2018.

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Selected work. More information available on request.

  • Hiscox US

    Ground-up redesign and consolidation of five different business unit sites to create a hollistic new experience. Central to this was the development of a component library that powers new Hiscox tools and an e-commerce platform for the Hiscox direct consumer, broker, partner consumer, and partner agent verticals.

  • AT&T LiveProud (2016)

    Sweepstakes site for the 4th annual AT&T Live Proud campaign promoting awareness, empowerment, and most importantly pride for the LGBT community. Participants can share their true colors by taking part in a quiz to discover the color that best represents them.

  • We Love Weather

    Official interactive community application for the most passionate Weather Channel fans. Users can learn about weather phenomena, engage with media personalities, ask questions, share images, and have conversations on everything weather related.

  • ShelfGenie

    Redesign of ShelfGenie's online presence to better showcase their custom home solutions and services to prospective buyers. Visitors can browse design ideas, save inspiration, and book consulations.

  • NAACP (Regional)

    Redesign of the Meriden/Wallingford chapter of the NAACP meant to put emphasis on community building, events and encourage online donations.

  • Relectron

    A skeleton Electron boilerplate with Webpack 2, React, and SASS support. It provides a solid base for prototyping desktop applications.

  • Aerco

    Refresh of Aerco's website to better showcase their commercial and residential energy recovery solutions. Visitors can browse products, read the latest company news, and search locations.

  • EvolutionEat

    EvolutionEat is the definitive source for healthy living thanks to providing easy access to knowledgeable personal coaches.

  • Funkmaskter Flex(Grid)

    A lightweight flexbox grid layout framework.

  • AT&T Beyond Limits

    Celebrating the victories of some incredible individuals with disabilities who are pushing the limits of what they “should” be able to do, and proving it with AT&T’s technology. Visitors can upload bio videos for the chance to win.

  • On Georgia

    Georgia Power's online resource of the people, places, events, and news that matter most to everyday Georgians, as well as stories from inside Georgia Power.

  • Pathlab Services

    Internal portal for use by Pathlab staff and partners to easily track customer medical material.